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How to Amend Preferences (My Details and My Alerts)


Below you will find the list of preferences used to target clients and happygolf e-mail campaigns
thus avoiding filling your in-box with unnecessary e-mails.

To Amend Preferences
1. Go to login area. (top left on web site)
2. Login with e-mail and password.
3. Click the red access point under the top blue tab 'My Alerts'.
4. Check the regions you are interested in to receive offers and updates.
5. Save.
6. Click 'My Details' add/amend. Save.

How do I receive a password ?

Request a new password using the '[Generate Password]' link found in the login area.
Password may land in your junk/spam mail.

What is my User E-mail Address

The e-mail address you registered.

Not Registered

Only registered e-mail addresses will be issued with a password.
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