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Do I need to login to view open golf competitions on the web site?

No, access via open golf competition banner front page.

Golfers password
A password is required by golfers only to update 'My Details' and 'My Alerts' not to access open golf competitions.

'My Details' - These details will be transferred to the entry forms.

'My Alerts' - Click the regions you are interested in to receive offers and updates.

How do I receive a password ?

Request a new password using the '[Generate Password]' link found in the login area. Password may land in your junk/spam mail.

Golf club's adding Open golf competitions, membership deals, tee time offers etc

Login with e-mail and password.

Golf club login email address does not work

Verify your email address by entering it here:


If your email address shows "[Golf Club admin email]" you can edit and update golf club details.
If not contact me at or 0780 160 7664 with the e-mail address you wish to use to edit details for your golf club.