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UK and Overseas - Stay & Play
Hotels, Bed & Breakfast, Villa's, Guest Houses and more.....

Over 470,000 golfers visit the happygolf web site each year. An ideal platform
to promote your Accommodation/Stay & Play to thousands of golfers.

There is no restriction on accommodation type, the length of availability or the location. Accommodation should be within easy access of a golf course..

Stay & Play/Accommodation details including 6 images are incorporated into an individual
page, [example] and appear in the following areas:

  • Linked to the individual golf club pages of golf clubs near to your accommodation [example]

  • Viewed via the Stay & Play banner on front page [example]

  • Appears randomly on front page [example]

  • A blue icon will appear on the map [example]

  • Linked to local individual tournament pages [example]

  • Twitter and Facebook

    Plus Offers

  • Appears in Stay & Play Offers page [example]

  • Offer appears randomly on 2569 individual golf club pages under Accommodation Offers[example]

    Publicise Stay & Play
    3 Easy Steps
    Take 3 easy steps to publicise your stay & play to over 470,000 golfers.
    1) Complete the on-line questionnaire. [here]

    2) Forward images either by uploading or e-mail.

    3) Pay for Stay & Play. [here]

  • Costs
    1 Year - £125.00
    3 Years - £250.00
    Some of our Stay & Play partners

    click images for more details

    Cally Palace
    Cally Palace Hotel
    & Golf Course
    3nts DBB + 3 Rounds

    Alnmouth Golf Club
    Alnmouth Golf Club
    Dormy House
    2nts + 3 Rounds of Golf
    Local Courses